Arimoto Mitsuru (Rina Uchiyama), a full-time housewife, lives with her husband, Dai (Nagai Univ.), and her son. One day, when I went to see his father, Taizo (Tachihiro), who had fallen due to overwork, his doctor told him that he had four days to live. Hikaru, who became a full-time housewife, countered Taizo, who had been raising him to become the president instead of his older brother who died as a child. Even with my father in bed, I cannot tell my feelings obediently. However, Hikari knew his father\’s desire to protect the town factory and decided to finally succeed the president. Hearing the words, Taizo died. The trials come to Hikaru who declares to be the president. My husband, who was going to rely on him, moved to the United States as a single employee. Katsuta (Naoto Takenaka) and Junzo (Shingo Yanagisawa), who are executives who see the light as the president, are repulsive to what the light does. The customer\’s bank treats her lightly as a woman and forces her to merge with another factory. For Hikari, protecting the town factory is a promise made with his deceased father, Taizo. Can light really rebuild the town factory?