Master the Art of Sultry Eyes with this Easy and Simple Smokey Eye Tutorial


Are you tired of messing up your smokey eye and ending up with raccoon eyes? Fear not, for we have the perfect tutorial to help you master the art of sultry eyes with ease. Follow these simple steps and get ready to turn heads with your gorgeous smokey eyes.

Step 1: Prep your eyelids

Start by prepping your eyelids with a primer to make sure your eyeshadow stays put. Apply a small amount of primer on your eyelids and blend evenly.

Step 2: Apply light eyeshadow

Next, apply a light eyeshadow all over your eyelids as a base. Use a fluffy brush to apply the eyeshadow evenly. This will help your darker eyeshadow blend easily later on.

Step 3: Apply dark eyeshadow

Now it’s time to add some drama to your eyes. Take a darker eyeshadow and apply it on the outer corner of your eyelids, blending it towards the middle of your eyelids using a blending brush. Make sure to blend the eyeshadow well to avoid any harsh lines.

Step 4: Apply eyeliner

Once you have blended your eyeshadow, it’s time to add some eyeliner. Take a black eyeliner and apply it on your upper lash line. You can either go for a winged eyeliner or a simple line, depending on your preference. We recommend using a gel or liquid eyeliner for a more precise application.

Step 5: Smudge the eyeliner

To create a smokey effect, smudge the eyeliner using a smudging brush or a q-tip. This will soften the harsh lines and create a more natural look.

Step 6: Apply mascara

To complete your sultry eye look, apply mascara on your lashes. Start from the root of your lashes and wiggle the mascara wand towards the tip of your lashes. You can also apply false lashes for a more dramatic effect.

And there you have it, a simple and easy tutorial to help you master the art of sultry eyes. Play around with different eyeshadows and eyeliner to create your own unique smokey eye look. Just remember to blend, blend, blend for a flawless finish.

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