Unleash Your Inner Anime Character with This Step-by-Step Eye Makeup Tutorial


If you’re a fan of anime, you’ve probably always wanted to bring some of that colorful, dramatic style into your own look. The good news is, with a little bit of know-how, you can create a stunning anime-inspired eye makeup look that will make you feel like you’ve stepped right out of your favorite series.

Step 1: Prepare Your Canvas

Before you begin applying any makeup, you need to make sure your eye area is clean and ready to go. Start by washing your face with your favorite cleanser, and then gently pat your skin dry with a towel. If you have any moisturizer or eye cream, apply it now to help hydrate and protect your skin.

Step 2: Lay the Foundation

The first step in creating any makeup look is to lay down a base. For an anime-inspired eye, you’ll want to start with a light-colored eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Apply this all over your eyelid, from your lash line to your eyebrow bone, using a soft eyeshadow brush.

Step 3: Build Up the Drama

Once your base is in place, it’s time to start adding some drama. With a darker eyeshadow shade (think purples, blues, or greens), apply the color to the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it inwards towards the center. This will help create the illusion of larger, more dramatic anime eyes.

Step 4: Highlight Your Inner Corners

To really make your eyes pop, it’s important to apply a highlighter shade to the inner corners of your eyes. Use a light, shimmery shade (think gold or silver) to apply a small amount of color to the inner corners of your eyes and blend it outwards towards the center of your eyelid.

Step 5: Define Your Lashes

No anime-inspired eye look would be complete without some serious lash definition. Using a lengthening mascara or false lashes, apply some extra volume to your lashes to really make them stand out. You can even add a touch of glitter to your lashes for some added drama and sparkle.

Step 6: Finish with Eyeliner

To really complete your anime-inspired eye look, finish off with a bold, black eyeliner. You can apply a winged liner, a thick line along your upper lash line, or even a graphic liner design for a truly unique look. Whatever you choose, be sure to apply it with confidence and precision for the best results.


With these six simple steps, you can unleash your inner anime character and create a stunning eye makeup look that will turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re heading to a cosplay party or just want to add a little bit of anime-inspired drama to your everyday look, this tutorial is the perfect place to start.

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