Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Flawless Drag Queen Eye Makeup


Drag queen eye makeup is all about making a bold statement. It’s about creating a dramatic look that’s all about glamour and confidence. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to achieve flawless drag queen eye makeup.

Step 1: Prime Your Lids

Start by applying an eye primer to your lids. This will help your eye shadow stay put all day long. Use your finger to blend the primer evenly across your lids.

Step 2: Apply Your Base Shadow

Using a fluffy brush, apply a neutral base shadow like beige or light brown all over your lids. This will create a smooth base for your more dramatic colors.

Step 3: Create Definition with a Crease Shadow

Next, take a darker shade and apply it to your crease with a small, tapered brush. Blend it well to create definition and depth. This will help your eyes stand out and give them a more dramatic look.

Step 4: Highlight Your Brow Bone

Use a light, shimmery shade to highlight your brow bone. Apply it just under your brow line to accentuate your brow shape and make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a key element of drag queen eye makeup. Use a black liquid liner to create a bold, defined line along your upper lash line. Extend the line outwards for a dramatic winged effect.

Step 6: Add Drama with False Lashes

False lashes are a must for drag queen eye makeup. Choose a pair that’s long and dramatic, and carefully apply them to your upper lash line. Use a small amount of glue and wait for it to dry before applying the lashes.

Step 7: Finish with Mascara

Finally, apply mascara to your upper lashes to blend them with the false lashes. This will create a seamless, dramatic effect that will make your eyes pop.


By following these simple steps, you can achieve flawless drag queen eye makeup. Remember to be bold and confident – drag queen makeup is all about making a statement and expressing yourself. Have fun and experiment with different colors and styles to find the look that’s right for you.

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