Master the Art of Sultry Glam with the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Technique


Bobbi Brown is known for her natural and effortless approach to beauty. Her signature look is all about enhancing your features, rather than masking them. This philosophy is especially evident in her smokey eye technique, which is perfect for creating a sultry and glamorous look.

Step 1: Prime your eyelids

Before applying any eyeshadow, it’s important to prime your eyelids. This will help your eyeshadow last longer and prevent creasing. Use a small amount of primer and apply it all over your eyelids using your fingers or a brush.

Step 2: Apply a base color

Choose a light eyeshadow shade that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Use a flat brush to apply the shade all over your eyelids, up to the brow bone.

Step 3: Add depth with a darker shade

Choose a darker eyeshadow shade that complements the base color. Use a fluffy brush to apply the shade to the outer corner of your eye, blending it inward toward the crease. Make sure to blend well to avoid any harsh lines.

Step 4: Create definition with eyeliner

For a sultry and glamorous look, choose a black or dark brown eyeliner. Use the liner to create a thin line along your upper lash line. You can also smudge the liner slightly to create a more smoky effect. Repeat the process on your lower lash line, but only apply liner to the outer two-thirds of your eye.

Step 5: Finish with mascara

The final touch to any smokey eye look is mascara. Apply a few coats of black mascara to your upper and lower lashes, making sure to separate your lashes to avoid any clumps.

Additional tips:

  • Use a clean brush to blend any harsh lines between eyeshadows
  • For a more dramatic look, add a pop of shimmer eyeshadow to the center of your eyelids
  • Always curl your lashes before applying mascara to make your eyes look more open and awake
  • For a more intense smokey eye, use a kohl liner along your waterline

With these simple steps and additional tips, you’ll be able to master the art of sultry glam with the Bobbi Brown smokey eye technique. Remember, the key to a successful smokey eye is blending and building color gradually. So take your time and have fun with it!

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