Get Long-Lasting Nails with Gelish Tip Adhesive – The Ultimate Solution for Durable Nail Extensions


Are you tired of nail extensions that don’t last long and chip easily? Do you want to have beautiful, durable nails that you can show off for weeks on end? Look no further than Gelish Tip Adhesive.

Gelish Tip Adhesive is a revolutionary product that allows you to easily and quickly create long, durable nail extensions that will last for up to three weeks. Unlike traditional nail adhesives, Gelish Tip Adhesive is designed specifically for use with nail tips, resulting in a stronger, more secure bond.

How Does Gelish Tip Adhesive Work?

Gelish Tip Adhesive is a two-part system that includes a bonding agent and a brush-on activator. When combined, these two products create a strong, long-lasting bond that will keep your nail extensions firmly in place for weeks at a time.

The bonding agent is applied directly to the natural nail, and the nail tip is then placed onto the bonding agent. The brush-on activator is then applied to the seam between the natural nail and the tip, creating a strong bond that will hold up to daily wear and tear.

What Are the Benefits of Using Gelish Tip Adhesive?

There are many benefits to using Gelish Tip Adhesive for your nail extensions, including:

  • Durability: Gelish Tip Adhesive creates a strong, long-lasting bond that will hold up to daily activities, including typing, cleaning, and other tasks that can be tough on your nails.
  • Ease of use: Gelish Tip Adhesive is easy to apply and dries quickly, allowing you to create beautiful, durable nail extensions in just minutes.
  • Flexibility: Gelish Tip Adhesive is designed to flex and move with your natural nails, reducing the risk of chipping or breaking.
  • Professional results: With Gelish Tip Adhesive, you can create professional-quality nail extensions that will rival those done in a salon.

How to Use Gelish Tip Adhesive

Using Gelish Tip Adhesive is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Clean and prep your natural nails as you would for any other nail extension application.
  2. Select the appropriate nail tips and size them to fit your natural nails.
  3. Apply a small amount of bonding agent to the natural nail and press the nail tip onto the bonding agent, holding it firmly in place for several seconds.
  4. Apply a brush-on activator to the seam between the natural nail and the tip.
  5. Allow the adhesive to dry completely, and then file and shape the tips as desired.


If you want beautiful, long-lasting nails that will hold up to daily wear and tear, Gelish Tip Adhesive is the ultimate solution. This revolutionary product is easy to use, durable, and flexible, allowing you to create professional-quality nail extensions in just minutes. So why wait? Try Gelish Tip Adhesive today and get the durable, beautiful nails you’ve always wanted!

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