Chic and Trendy Pastel Green French Tips for Your Next Manicure


Are you tired of the same old French manicure? Well, it’s time to switch it up with a chic and trendy pastel green French tip! Here’s how to achieve this look:

Step 1: Prep your nails

Start by prepping your nails. Remove any existing nail polish and file your nails into your desired shape. Push back your cuticles and apply a base coat to protect your nails.

Step 2: Apply your base color

Apply your pastel green nail polish as your base color. Apply two coats to ensure full coverage and let dry completely.

Step 3: Create your French tip

Now it’s time to create your French tip. Use a white nail polish and apply it to the tips of your nails. You can use a French tip guide to help you create a clean line. Let dry completely.

Step 4: Seal the deal

Finally, apply a top coat of clear nail polish to seal the deal and add some shine to your nails.

And there you have it! A chic and trendy pastel green French tip manicure that is sure to turn heads. This look is perfect for spring or summer and can be worn for any occasion.

Tips for maintaining your manicure

To keep your manicure looking fresh and new, here are some tips:

  • Avoid hot water and harsh chemicals that can cause your nail polish to chip or peel.
  • Wear gloves when doing household chores or gardening to protect your nails.
  • Apply a top coat every few days to extend the life of your manicure.
  • Use cuticle oil to keep your cuticles moisturized and healthy-looking.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a beautiful and long-lasting pastel green French tip manicure!

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