10 Genius Makeup Hacks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


When it comes to makeup, one of the most common goals is to make our eyes appear bigger and brighter. Luckily, there are several makeup hacks that can help us achieve this look. Here are 10 genius makeup hacks to make your eyes look bigger:

1. Curl Your Lashes

Using an eyelash curler can help lift and curl your lashes, making your eyes appear bigger and more open. Start at the lash root and carefully clamp down for a few seconds before releasing. Repeat along the length of your lashes for a more dramatic effect.

2. Apply White Eyeliner

Using a white eyeliner pencil on your lower waterline can help brighten your eyes and make them appear larger. Gently apply the eyeliner to your waterline and blend it out slightly with a small brush or your finger.

3. Use Nude Eyeliner

Instead of using black eyeliner on your lower lash line, try using a nude or flesh-toned eyeliner. This will give the illusion of a larger eye and create a more natural look. Apply the eyeliner carefully along your lower lash line.

4. Highlight Your Inner Corners

Using a shimmery, light-colored eyeshadow or highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes can also help brighten them and make them appear larger. Apply the product with a small brush or your finger and blend it out slightly.

5. Define Your Crease

Defining your crease with a darker eyeshadow can help create depth and dimension, making your eyes appear larger. Use a small brush to apply a darker shade of eyeshadow to the crease and blend it out for a seamless look.

6. Use False Lashes

False lashes can instantly make your eyes appear bigger and more dramatic. Choose a pair that is natural-looking and easy to apply. Apply the lashes carefully with tweezers and lash glue.

7. Opt for Lengthening Mascara

Using a lengthening mascara can help elongate your lashes and create the illusion of a larger eye. Apply the mascara carefully to the upper and lower lashes, wiggling the wand back and forth for maximum impact.

8. Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Using an eyeshadow primer can help your eye makeup last longer and appear more vibrant. Apply the primer all over your eyelid and blend it out with your finger.

9. Avoid Dark Eyeshadow

Avoid using dark eyeshadow all over your lid, as this can make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, opt for lighter shades and focus on highlighting and defining your crease.

10. Experiment with Winged Liner

Winged liner can help elongate your eyes and create a more dramatic look. Experiment with different winged liner styles until you find one that suits your eye shape and enhances your natural beauty.

By using these 10 genius makeup hacks, you can easily make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Whether you’re going for a natural or dramatic look, these tips will help you achieve your desired result.

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