Because of her parents, high school girl Nao Yoshikawa (played by Haruka Fukuhara) was forced to start a single life because of her parents. She moved to the new apartment alone, and she was surprised that another boy also moved in almost at the same time. The opponent\’s name is Hisashi Uehara (played by Hayashi Shiraishi), a student of the same grade at Megurooka High School where Nao is located, and is famous for the descendants of the \”Gosanjia\”. It turned out that both of them fell into the trap of double real estate contracts. They insisted on their own words and refused to give in to each other. With no one regressing, the two had no choice but to start a single cohabitation life awkwardly. During this period, Nao was kissed by a boy, but she was bumped by an inexplicable deer in her heart. It seems that the youthful campus life is destined not to end in plainness… This film is adapted from Takasuka\’s manga of the same name.