The drama is an extension of the 6-episode program \”I Don\’t Want to Go to the Company\” produced last year. It is an office drama about the true face and distress of Korean office workers. Jin Yongwan plays the legend of super fast promotion, the star of Handas, Jiang Baihu! As a enthusiastic, positive and forward-looking man, he is a workaholic who treats overtime as his hobby and vacation work as a relaxation. Too much alone to excel, so I frequently clashed with my colleagues. In the eyes of the predecessors, it is a thorn in the eye of a leading alone. The younger generations who worked together felt very burdened for him who was too enthusiastic. Such Jiang Baihu has become a new member of the business planning department… Jiang Baihu, is he the \”rescuer\” or \”butcher\” of Handas? Under the unanimous skepticism of his colleagues, he became the captain of the project to bet on the destiny of the department. What is the fate of the Handas Business Planning Department? Han Soo-yeon plays Yoon Hee-soo, the chief of M library. She has the keen sense of leading the trend and outstanding business ability, and she can also express her own opinions. But unlike the fashionable appearance, his personality is very stable, so he is very popular among male colleagues in the company. As the person in charge of the M library calendar development project, she worked with the staff of the Handas Office business planning department, so she reunited with Kang Baekho, who had become acquainted in the past.