Ding Haiyin will play the artificial intelligence program developer Heyuan in the play. He is a leading planner in the field of artificial intelligence and an entrepreneur and CEO M&H this portal. Simply put, he is not \”angry \”, although everything is very principled, but very kind and logical. He systematized his behavior and psychology, memory and experience and stepped into the road of research and production of artificial intelligence. Cai Xiubin will play Han Ruiyu, who graduated from the computer department and is a classical music recorder. She had no home, no family, a little confused at work, and lived a life that anyone felt unstable, but she didn\’t think so. The positive gas that the naked eye can not see is her nutrient. When she wants to relax, she answers complex math problems, a 29-year-old who wants nothing but healing himself. By \”Road to the Airport \”, the film\” Liu Li\’s Music Album \”writer ,\” Know the Wife\” director directed, Studio Dragon production.