A former researcher at the Space Science and Technology Agency, who resigned after taking responsibility for the failure to launch a rocket, and now spends his second life as a manager at the factory \”Tsukuda Seisakusho\” in the downtown area left by his father. Abe Hiroshi). Using the valve system developed in-house, the rocket manufacturing that was once a dream of Tsukuda, who had once given up, was achieved by the \”Stardust Project\”, a purely domestic rocket development plan of Teikoku Heavy Industries, a leading Japanese company. It was a Natsuki factory, but… One day, due to the change of the president of Teikoku Heavy Industries, the Stardust plan may end next time-Tsukuda is shocked when Teikoku Heavy Industries is told. It was a dream of Tsukuda to be involved in rocket manufacturing, and it became a spiritual pillar of the Tsukuda Factory employees who are now pursuing \”rocket quality.\” As if to keep up with it, a large-scale customer, an agricultural machinery manufacturer, told us to cut back on small engine transactions. With the idea that cost is more important than performance, Tsukuda Seisakusho, whose technological capabilities are sold, begins to fluctuate, and Tsukuda has a strong sense of crisis. Meanwhile, the father of Tokumura\’s accounting manager Tonomura (Tachikawa Tanharu) collapses. The family home of Tonomura is a farmer that has been running for 300 years. Tsukuda and Yamazaki (Akira Yasuda) visit Tonomura who returns home every weekend to help his father with nursing and field work. Looking closely at Tonomura, who drives a tractor, realizes that Tsukuda is there. It was the moment when a new dream was born in Tsukuda.