The drama tells the story between Jung Seo-yeon, who accidentally had 9.9 billion in cash, and Kang Tae-woo, who confronted Jung Seo-yeon in order to find out the truth about the cause of her brother’s death. King Kongyu will play Jiang Taiyu in the play. Before he was planted and left the police station, he was a \”mad cow\” who didn\’t care about things around him, and rushed as soon as he smelled the incident. When he left the police profession that he believed was his bounden duty, he had no hope or goal. Every day was nothing. His only pride-his brother died. In order to find out the cause of his brother\’s death, he met Zheng Ruiyan (played by Zhao Ruzhen). Written by the scriptwriter Han Ji-hoon of \”LAST\” and \”The City That Never Sleeps\”, and directed by the director Kim Young-joo of \”Jiang Young-sil\” and \”Oh, My Rain\”.