Kaya Kiyohara who made the actress debut in the late 2015 NHK TV novel (morning drama) “Asagata”, which was made into a serial drama based on the manga “Transparent Cradle” by Okita and Buka. Will be starring on the 12th, it was revealed. The manga is based on the author\’s experience, \”The Truth about Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic,\” where Kiyohara, who is the first starring a serial drama, plays the role of an apprentice nurse. The director of obstetrics and gynecology, Yui, Yasushi Seto, Aoi\’s mother, Shika, Wakana Sakai, senior nurse, Sayako, Asami Mizukawa, and Ms. Sakaki, Mieko Harada will also appear. It will be broadcast 10 times at 10 pm every Friday on NHK synthesis from July 20.