Based on the webcomic of the same name, \”The Legend of the Gyeryong Fairy\” is a fantasy love comedy. It tells the story of the 699-year-old Gyeryongsan Fairy who experienced the Goryeo and Joseon eras and two \”husband candidates\” living in modern times. . Wen Caiyuan plays the fairy Xuan Yunan. She was unable to return to the sky because she lost her wings at the Fairy Waterfall. After 699 years, she waited for the reincarnation of Xiang Gong and worked as a barista at the \”Fairy Tea House\” in Jilong Mountain because she was gentle and warm. And the off-line funny character is deeply loved by people around. For hundreds of years, she has been waiting for Xiang Gong’s reincarnation. She made coffee in the coffee shop at the foot of Gyeryong Mountain. When a man who might be her Xianggong appeared, she left Gyeryong Mountain for the first time. In order to see the reincarnated Miangong again, she entered into a civilized society and unfolded a tortuous story in order to adapt to life in Seoul. Not only that, in the eyes of ordinary people, Xuan Yunan is an ordinary grandmother, but in the eyes of those who are destined with her, she is a beautiful fairy. The secret of fairy Xuan Yunan will also bring interest to the plot. Yin Xianmin will play the role of a biology professor who has an outstanding appearance and mind but complains about everything and has a clean habit different from ordinary people.