The so-called life is a continuous point of divergence. There is no regret medicine in life, and there is no turning back. Often you feel that you have made the most correct choice, but you find that you have gone all the way down. Can you start again? Don\’t be kidding, this is a lifetime, unless you meet the \”choice TAXI\”. The neatly dressed, handsome and elegant branch (played by Toyotomi Takenochi) is a seemingly ordinary taxi driver, but he is free to turn to the point of difference in life. As a taxi driver, he will inevitably see all kinds of customers daily, such as love, friendship, family affection, career, ideals, busy people in the prosperous metropolis, and they have intractable troubles in their hearts. Setbacks and blows followed one after another, making them regretful. For them, the luckiest thing is to take a branch taxi. This mysterious driver will take them back to the point of divergence of fate and make a completely different choice…© Douban