The play tells the story of a psychiatric nurse who refuses love because of the difficult burden of life, and a fairy tale writer who does not understand love because of essential flaws. After the two meet, they heal each other\’s scars like a fantasy fairy tale. Kim Soo-hyun will play the role of Wen Kangtai, a psychiatric hospital nurse, who died when he was a child, and took care of his autistic brother alone, living a life of sacrifice and dedication. He has no great dreams, nor does he hope that his life will get better. I just hope that I can eat and sleep peacefully with my brother with the meager salary of the nurse, and stick to it every day. Xu Ruizhi is determined to play Gao Wenying, a popular children\’s writer with anti-social personality. Due to her loneliness at a young age, she grew up to show extreme egoism, defiant, arrogant and rude, with vulgar language and reckless actions.