Born in 1989, Mizuho (Natsumi Ishibashi) is an Alasar girl who simply spends her days without any goal of living. He lives under one roof with local classmates Yuzuki (Yoshimura Tsuyoshi) and Misae (Kimi Takiuchi). The usual breakfast of the morning, the news that the facility in the nearby mountains burned on TV, but the three people were engrossed in a dull conversation. Around that time, a zombie-like genre in the town was beginning to attack residents. Mizuho, ​​who does not notice the incident, breaks into everyday life and heads to the family restaurant to discuss divorce with her separated husband Koike (Shunsuke Daito), but a zombie is attacked by a convenience store on the way. The town of Mizuhochi will eventually be blocked from the outside and become anarchy. People gather for convenience stores with food supplies. Misae and Koike fled to a convenience store together, and Mizuho realized that her husband\’s adultery partner was Misae. As the mess continues, they notice a weird group of videos online on their smartphones. There was an endless line of prank-like titles, such as \”I tried to play zombies.\” Not only those who gave up living in despair, those who tried to reverse their lives as opportunities like this youtuber also appeared, and the desires of people were trying to burst in a distorted form. Mizuho, ​​who thought he wasn\’t obsessed with living, becomes aware of the meaning of living.