The 19th season has been renewed. Today, as criminal methods are getting more and more sophisticated, the technical requirements for criminal police investigation skills and forensics analysis have increased relatively. In response to the scientific spirit of handling cases, the police stations in each prefecture in Japan have established scientific research institutes, which are referred to as \”Kesouyan\” for short. The business content of \”Kesouyan\” includes not only the identification of hair, blood, voiceprint, and DNA, but also polygraph detection and facial restoration of Although they are not on the front line of arresting criminals, they are important figures who help clarify the truth and find the murderer. This drama uses the case-handling process of Mariko, a spicy female forensic doctor with a unique personality, who is active in the science search and research, so that everyone can have a deep insight into the mysterious world of the science search and research. The protagonist Mariko is a forensic researcher at the Kyoto Prefectural Police and Scientific Research Institute. He has a wealth of professional knowledge at work and has a different sensitivity to criminal incidents, so he can often solve strange cases smoothly. But in terms of private life, she is a divorced single woman; due to her stubborn pride and prone to anger, she has constant conflicts with her colleagues.