The detective Hidetoshi Takano (Takataka Aoki), the most trusted senior detective of Tokiko Kisaragi (Fumino Kimura), the detective of the 11th Department of the Metropolitan Police Department, was decided to move to the public security department, and it was approaching a few days later. Meanwhile, the asset owner Hideo Amano was slaughtered at home. The body was discovered with a \”blue flower\” on its torn neck, and Hideo\’s wife Mayumi was missing from the day of the incident. While the investigation headquarters is searching Mayumi as the most important reference person, a criminal who claims to be \”Cluster 16\” will send an e-mail to the newspaper company to indicate the crime statement and Mayumi\’s whereabouts. The Metropolitan Police Department and the murder analysis team continue to be at the mercy of the murderous murders that occur one after another. As Takano\’s move approaches, the expectations and responsibilities of Toko grow. However, contrary to expectations, the investigation of the case is difficult, and Toko is frustrated and anxious. Will Toko and the murder analysis team be able to solve this paranoid murder case! ? Astonishing last awaits no one can expect!