This drama tells that the \”neocortex\” in the human brain will reflect to the \”limbic system\” and somatization symptoms will appear before the moment of lying. This \”neocortex of the brain\” will appear instantly within 0.2 seconds of a human lying. There is a female police officer who can see through the lies of the suspect by reading the inherent \”micro-representation\” of humans. The name of this policewoman is Ema Taraoka (Chiaki Kuriyama). No lie can be hidden from her. The criminal suspects targeted by her will surrender 100% in the end. This TV series uses a secret room called the interrogation room as the stage. The policewoman Ema Taraoka observes the suspect\’s habits, actions, actions and other aspects to see through the lies of the other party and continue to solve the super psychological suspense story of the case.