Starring Hidetoshi Nishijima On the first night, the trading company Man, who is swallowed by the darkness of the \”man lantern\” industry, Man Itami, a trading company involved in the development of gas oil fields in Southeast Asia, was in a predicament. The acquisition of land had been stalled by the opposition of the locals. A letter comes from the local people to such Itami. The opinions were divided among the locals, and the elders wanted money. The elders call on Itami and his rival Morishita to kill the opposition leader. Starring Akira Yasuda 2nd night \”Night Watch\” The mystery of the martial arts of a young policeman Yanagioka\’s younger subordinate, Kawato, is caught up in a married couple Genka who has been injured. The action of Kawafuji, who protected himself from his wife by his husband, was praised by the public, but Yanagioka felt uncomfortable. Kawato had no spirit of self-sacrifice. By the way… I remember there was a suspicious accident at the construction site near the police box on the day of the incident, which was strange since morning. Starring Kengo Kora \”Mitsugan\” Taeko Ugawa, who wanted to be protected by a beautiful boarding house, withdrew the appeal of the murder trial. Fujii, a lawyer, was claiming an appeal. Taeko was the hostess of the boarding house that Fujii took care of when she was a student. Fujii, who was a difficult student, became a lawyer because of the support of gentle Taeko. However, because of her husband\’s debt, the family budget was difficult, and one day Taeko killed a lender who had to repay her. Why on earth?