The play is an action comedy about the aunts who have managed to keep their jobs in the National Intelligence Agency, accidentally selected to become intelligence agents and sneak into the scene in disguise. Cui Jiangxi will play Bai Canmei (disguise name: Bai Zhangmei) in the play. She was originally a legendary secret agent. She has superior strength but the worst personality. She is the youngest person to avoid and the youngest team leader. In a certain operation, not only the subordinate died, but also the prisoner escaped. After that, she posted an average of more than 250 comments per day in the cyber security team of the National Intelligence Agency with the ID of \”Two Nuclear Bomb Chicken\”. She had already given up her mind that she would never be able to return to the scene, but one day she suddenly received an order to dispatch the scene. Directed by PD Choi Young-hoon, \”Sister Style Is Still\” and \”Upper Society\”, screenwriter Park Ji-ha, winner of the 2016 MBC second half of the script public solicitation award, is expected to be broadcast in the second half of the year.