\”Teenage Girls in the 20th Century\” is a realistic story about unmarried women. It mainly tells the friendship and love story of three 35-year-old women. The single mothers and fetuses have experienced the maturity of love and growth through three women to convey about A story about the affection between parents and daughter, the meaning of home, and the affection between neighbors. Also starring actors are Yoo Hyun Kyung, An Shi Ha, Lee Sang Hee, Wu Sang Jin, gugudan Kang Meina (Han Ye Se Er Y) SF9 金仁诚# (Jin Ji Shi Er Y). The play is written by Li Shanhui, the associate screenwriter who participated in the script creation of the \”Please Answer\” series, and directed by the director of \”Home and Everything Become\”. It will be broadcast in September after \”Wang Zai Love\”.