The play tells the story of people working in hospitals such as physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, X-ray operators, interns, and nurses. Lee Yoo Fei plays Yu Baoying, a physical therapist who has been employed for three years. When she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a poet, but because of her poor family situation, she could only give priority to livelihood issues. In the end, she chose to become a physiotherapist for life. She is a modern citizen who lives hard every day. Lee Jun Hyuk plays the physiotherapist Ye Jae Wook. He was transferred from the head of the university hospital to the head of the general hospital. He is the youngest leader to be promoted at a super speed. Jang Dong-yun plays the role of Shin Min-ho, an intern from a medical family who studied at the Health University. He is naturally playful and not good at learning. He entered the Department of Physical Therapy of Health University because of parental threats. He is not interested in learning but interested in playing. Xin Jae-ha plays Jin Nanyu, an intern in the rehabilitation department. He is studying at the University of Health and internship in the hospital with his friend Shin Minho. \”The Alone\” production agency, \”The Irrational Miss Yingai\”, \”The Alone\”, the scriptwriter Ming Soo Hyun, \”The Irrational Miss Ying Ai\” seasons 8-15, Han Shang is directed by the director, and is expected to take over \”Cross\” It premiered in early March.