The play tells the story of the kind-hearted but always bullied and ignored \”good old man\” Lu Dongzhi who was wronged and could not speak out. He chose to commit suicide, but the place where he committed suicide was the murder scene of a serial murderer. He was scared away, but was hit by a car on the road. After waking up, he lost his memory. In place of his lost memory, a diary suddenly appeared in his hand. The diary recorded all the criminal evidence of the perverted murderer, because by various coincidences, Lu Dongzhi mistakenly believed that the owner of the diary was himself, thinking that he was the perverted murderer. Yin Shiyun plays Lu Dongzhi, a bottom fund manager who works as a clerk in a securities company and has been in charge of various chores for several years. He is very timid and soft-hearted, so he is always used by others. He can\’t refuse all kinds of unreasonable requests. The team leader will only think of him when there is no place to spread his anger. His colleagues in the same period have been promoted, even Gang Gang. The rookies who joined the company looked down on him. But he has never been angry, and he is truly the bad guy among the bad guys. Zheng Renxian plays the policewoman Shen Baojing. She has an innate talent but is always ignored. She dreams of becoming a profiler, but in real life she is patrolling, she has not touched the door of the police force, and she has never been responsible for a case that can be regarded as a case. Directed by PD of \”Hundred Days Langjun\”, written by the screenwriters of \”The Piper\” and \”Fraud Game\”, it is expected to be broadcast in early November.