At the age of 45, Mitsuo Komae, who works for a mid-sized advertising agency, Sentakusha, moved from the head office to a regional branch office with the same personnel transfer as at the age of 45. Leaving his wife and daughter in Tokyo, he decides to move to the \”Sura Town,\” where yakuza dominates. Komae, who has become a branch manager of a poor branch with two employees, is forced into the difficult task of saying, \”If you don\’t improve your performance, you will be immediately closed or fired!\” My daughter goes on to a home loan… I can\’t afford to be restructured! Review the companies that have become familiar with each other and start new sales. Meanwhile, a company that contracted to create a new leaflet suddenly got a phone call! This was the beginning of a nightmare… The angry president, Tatsuzaki (Kei Tanaka), gets the flyer in charge of Komae. A ridiculous mistake there! Moreover, it was discovered that the company was a yakuza company called \”Tatsuzaki Gumi\”. Komae falls into a pinch of desperation. In addition, Iwagiri (Shota Furuta), the boss of \”Iwagiri-gumi\”, yells at me as if to overwhelm him. What is the reason why Iwakiri is furious…! ? Komae is in a critical situation because he is suddenly caught up by two leaders. The life of a dull salaryman who works for his family has changed, he has a debt and is a pinch of selling himself. In addition, Iwagiri was forced to join Komae as a member of the Iwakiri group! ? The dangerous double life of an advertising man and a yakuza starts in \”Sura no Machi\”! What is the I (=self) turn of a man who has fallen into an unhappy endless loop!?