The 33-year-old home shopping channel agent Wu Dazi (Cai Lin) is very successful in her career, but her EQ is extremely low: when she is immersed in the \”romantic love\” with colleague Shin Se-do (played by Kong Xingzhen) like a spring girl, she is caught The strange woman slapped the face. Shin Sedo turned out to be a famous playboy. There was a fashionable and proud female anchor Wei Sun Joo (played by Lee Hye Young) in the company who had an ambiguous relationship with him, but she never knew it. Depressed but unwilling, Wu Dazi borrowed wine and courage to come to the \”love agency\” and spend a lot of money to find a handsome, tall, sexy boyfriend in revenge for Shen Shidu. The next day, the beautiful man Kang Tae Bong (played by Lee Min Ki), who was 6 years younger than her, came to the door and made Wu Da Zi full of joy, but the revenge plan was far less smooth than she had imagined. Jiang Tae Bong was a super troublesome person. When she was overwhelmed, Yan Jizhong (played by Li Xianyu) appeared in her life, a man who was extremely perfect in all aspects, making her feel in a daze that the spring of her own love has truly come.