Shuichiro Kiriyama (played by Joe Odagiri) is a police officer working in the Time Limitation Management Division. As the department\’s work is very idle, Wushan and his colleagues have nothing to do all day. One day, when everyone was talking about his hobbies, Wushan, who found that he had no hobbies, decided to develop one of his hobbies, so he set his goal on the aging archive. Decided to investigate those cases that have passed the statute of limitations and find the perpetrators. Mikai Yuejing (played by Aso Kumiko), who works in the transportation department, has a crush on Mizan, so she visits the time management section from time to time to find opportunities to contact Mizan. Wushan and Sanriyue uncovered some mysteries in a bunch of time-lapse cases, dealt with the prisoners, and then unfolded a different reasoning story. Accompanied by all kinds of cold jokes, the reasoning story of the most out-of-force department begins here.