When the 16-year-old Nana went to apprenticeship, the Kazuhaya family had a gentle wife, Sachi, and the Lord, Ichinoshin, who was in touch with him and his two children. Nana is actually from the samurai family. After his father, who tried to reveal the injustices in the feudal lord, was accused of innocence and was harassed, he hid his birth and moved to his maternal home. Eventually, Sachi died of tuberculosis, and the devil\’s hands approached Ichinoshin, who is trying to correct the injustice in the clan. When Nachi, who was entrusted to Sachi, learned that the main character, Todoroki, was the father\’s death, he decided to fight Ichinoshin and his children. While even Ichinoshin\’s friends were entangled in enemies, the only people who became friends with Nana were those who couldn\’t go straight. However, with their help and the evidence of injustice in the clan that his father left behind, Nana challenges a mighty enemy to a big battle. Naya is played by Kayo Kiyohara, who drew a great deal of attention in the drama 10 \”Transparent Cradle\”. Please look forward to the appearance of a new historical heroine.