Hideki Nishimura (voiced by Tonyaka Toyonaga) is a young man who loves online games. In the illusory world constructed by electronic information, he believes in the belief that \”defense is the most advantageous attack\”. At one time, Nishimura had a love affair that ended up in the online world. The girl he liked was actually middle-aged Ogissan. After this battle, the greatly stimulated Nishimura vowed never to trust anyone on the Internet again. One day, a player named Yazi (voiced by Hidori cuisine) on the Internet confessed to Nishimura. Although Nishimura accepted her confession and held a wedding in the game, he was always suspicious of the other party in his heart. . Afterwards, the offline party held by the trade union, Nishimura did not expect that not only Ako was a real girl, but also the other two players Akane Segawa (voiced by Mizose Qi) and Yushoin Apricot (city road). (Voice by Mao) is also a girl like a fake.