\”Mystery Doctor\” was produced at a cost of 30 billion won and was the first 3D TV series in Korea. The escort of the king of the Goryeo Dynasty, Cui Ying (Lee Min Ho), escorting the Princess of the Yuan Dynasty (Pak Se Young) and the new king of Goryeo, Gongmin Wang (Ryu Deok Hwan), was obstructed on the way back to Goryeo by Qizhe (Liu Wuxing) . The princess of the Yuan Dynasty who was unfortunately assassinated was injured and died, and the life and death of the princess are related to the survival of the country. In order to save the princess of the Yuan Dynasty, Cui Ying, the \”general doctor\”, used Hua Tuo to leave the \”Tianmen\” Heaven (2012) and met a modern female doctor Liu Enxiu (played by Jin Xishan) who was giving a lecture, because Liu Enxiu can heal the same as the princess of the Yuan Dynasty Because of the injury, Cui Ying took Quan Eunxiu back. Eun-su has always thought that she was in the process of capturing the land for filming and filming, saving the princess of Yuanguo, and wanted to go home, but she didn\’t know she was involved in the political conspiracy of Goryeo. And she and Cui Ying also gradually developed feelings in the contact. What kind of experience will the two face, and in the end, Eun Suo chooses to return to modern life, or to give up everything for Choi Ying and keep Goryeo?