Adapted from the novel of the same name by Naoki Shang writer Kakuda Mitsuyo. The housewife Risako (Yuki Shibazaki) who concentrates on raising children at home has a headache for her daughter in the little devil period. Although her husband Yoichiro (Seiichi Tanabe) will help a little after work, the tiredness of parenting and the opinions of others have made her lose. confidence. Just as Lisha was in a state of desperation, he did not expect to be elected as an alternate National Senate. Even if he was an alternate, he had to attend every day. Unable to refuse the national obligation, Risako had no choice but to send her daughter to her in-law’s house every day for hearing in court. The case this time is a child abuse case in which a young mother, Mizuho Ando (Miki Mizuno), who was similar in age to Risako, \”deliberately\” drowned her daughter. Listening to the testimony of the defendant\’s husband, Hisashi Ando (Mashima Hidekazu), even though most of the interrogators thought Ando was a good gentleman, Risako was unspeakable. Then the testimony of the parents of the husband and wife made Risako even more like seeing his own life.