Kyoko Yukimura, who was sickly ahead of her husband and lives lonely in Hanaori, a town next to Karuizawa. I\’m the keeper of the memorial hall of Fujio Harashima, a literary man, but there aren\’t many visitors and I spend quiet days. One day, Kyoko, who had a panic disorder while shopping, is recommended by her friend Yasuyo to see a psychiatrist at Hanaori Clinic. A doctor named Tomoyuki Takahashi responded to the medical examination. His main business is a doctor working at a hospital in Yokohama, but he says that he is a part-time doctor in the psychiatry at Hanari Clinic for the second half of the week. Takahashi tells Marilyn Monroe that he had a psychiatrist who was a dedicated psychiatrist. While talking with him, Kyoko\’s heart regains peace. The two became attracted to each other, and Kyoko eventually invited him home. In a romantic relationship with Takahashi, Kyoko is filled with happiness. However, Kyoko had no idea that there was a woman waiting for Takahashi to return to Yokohama. What is the relationship between the mentally unstable woman and Takahashi? And one day, an amazing thing happened to Kayoko and Takahashi. Where will Kayoko and Takahashi\’s love end up? The story shows unexpected developments.