In 2017, the popular Korean drama \”Secret Forest\” was put into production. The first starring Cao Seung-woo, Bae Doona, Yoon Se-a, and Lee Jun-hyuk have returned. This drama tells the story of the lost prosecutor Huang Simu (Cao Seungwoo) and the justice and warm criminal policeman Han Ruzhen (Bae Douna) together to expose the prosecution sponsored murder case and the truth behind it. In the last episode of the first part, Hwang Si-mok was ordered to be demoted to work at the Tongyeong branch in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province. The second script will take Huang Shimu\’s new work unit as the background, telling the story of the process by which the unknown secret between the prosecutor and the sponsor is gradually revealed. \”Secret Forest 2\” is produced by Signal Entertainment. The script will continue to be written by the screenwriter Lee Soo-yeon, and the director Park Hyun-suk, who has directed dramas such as \”SPY\” and \”Arbitrary Attachment\”, will serve as the PD.