The TV series \”#考察官内传#\” is expected to be aired on JTBC in November, and currently the male protagonist is locked in #李善均#. The remake of the play is a best-selling book of the same name. It was personally written by Jin Xiong, the prosecutor of the Grand Prosecutor\’s Office. It tells about his 18 years of experience as a prosecutor since graduating from the Judicial Research Institute in 2000. Jin Xiong himself claims to be a \”life-style prosecutor.\” \”, through the work of prosecutors, we have learned about the various things in the world. Earlier, \”#hammurabi miss#\” written by the judge of the Seoul Central District Court #文宥锡# was successfully put on TV screens and received a good reputation when it was broadcast on JTBC. This time it was written by the prosecutor The form in which his story will be remade has also attracted attention.