This play is adapted from the novel \”Lunch Detective\” series by the writer Shui Sheng Dahai. In the play, Mizuki plays a reasoning man who is not good at interacting with people, but has excellent observation ability and changes suddenly in front of the mystery. For this role, she cut off 35cm hair. Short hair style appeared. Weixiang will use her natural reasoning ability to challenge the ghost stories rumored in the company and the whereabouts of missing people around her. In addition, the partner who participated in the lunch fellowship with Yuika is played by Rena, a carnivorous woman who does not like to accept the favor of men. The company boss where Yuika and Reiko worked, Hiroshi Kameda, was played by Yuichi Kimura, and Kento Sakurai, a clerk who worked well and was popular with women, was played by Toshiki. In each episode, there will be different handsome guests and charming actors full of personality. Of course, the appetite \”delicious lunch\” is also one of the highlights of the show.