The play is about the dangerous gambling game of real political players who manipulate the world behind the spotlight. It will describe the hot survival story of the super assistant Jang Tae-jun who points to the apex of power. Lee Jung-jae plays Jang Tae-joon. He is the chief assistant officer of the 4 elected members. He graduated from the police force with the first result. He was active in the front line of investigations. However, entering the parliament in order to have greater power is a way to make impossible possible. Of super powers. He has outstanding intuition and calm judgment, walks freely on the boundary line, and pushes his assistant MPs to the position of party representatives with his paranoid desire to win. But he is not satisfied with the status quo, and the greater obsession towards the apex of power is hidden under his soft smile. Shin Min Ah plays the female politician Jiang Sun Young. She was elected as a member of the proportional constituency and became the spokesperson of her party.