At the Medinox Medical Center run by an IT company, patients were diagnosed with AI developed by medical doctor Tetsuro Suzuki (Mari Mukai). AI diagnosis, which is faster, more accurate, and free of charge than a human doctor does, is well received by the public. Shunpei Gamo (Atsuro Watanabe), the IT company representative who introduced AI diagnosis, argued that medical AI should be promoted to keep up with overseas. However, Dr. Naoko Arizono (Hitomi Kuroki), the chairman of the medical association, was disappointed that it was “premature”, and the excellent surgeon Tomitsuo Ueno (Taizou Harada) also felt uncomfortable with operating on a patient diagnosed with AI. It was Meanwhile, the patient who Ueno operated on based on the AI ​​diagnosis died after the sudden change in his condition. Ueno blames AI for extra diagnosis, and Suzuki argues that Ueno\’s judgment was wrong. Reporter Haruo Tachikawa (Koji Yamamoto), meanwhile, has begun to conduct his own investigation, grabbing information that a patient diagnosed with AI died.