The play is a suspense drama, set in the new city where 40-generation couples live together, and use the murder case as an opportunity to unfold the story. Liu Junsang plays Angu Tetsu. He is the head of the Highfive fried chicken chain. He has the ambition to succeed and does his best to accomplish what he wants with perseverance and enthusiasm. Looking at his mother who was lonely because of his father\’s serious style, he didn\’t want to be like his father, and loved his wife very much. Song Yoona plays Nam Jung Hye, who is Gong Chul\’s wife and a psychiatrist. She is a perfectionist, she looks a little cold but actually yearns for love in her heart. She didn\’t believe in love, but fell in love at first sight with Gong Zhe, who was in charge of the university\’s stage show. The play will be directed by PD Song Hyun Wook, who has directed \”Oh Hae Young Again\” and \”Inner Beauty\”, and the screenwriter Park Hyo Yeon, who has written the SBS one-act play \”Young Joo\” and co-authored MBC \”Watchmen\”.