The play tells the story of Hunnam, a non-love activist who rejects love. After meeting Zheng Yin, who dreams of love but becomes a love abandoner because of the cruel reality, he helps people who are not suitable for love fall in love and gradually approach true love. story. Nangong Min plays Jiang Xunnan, a love theory expert. He has become a lover proficient in love because of his warm male appearance and inherent charm, but he is not interested in true love. He is expected to show the charm of Leng Duan. Huang Zhengyin plays the role of Liu Zhengyin, who has the same name as her own. She is a diver, with elastic legs and a soft appearance that are trained through exercise. Choi Tae-jun plays the role of a doctor in a rehabilitation clinic full of \”cute pet\” charm in the play. He is the \”male friend\” of the heroine Zhengyin who is envied by everyone. He is a handsome, kind, gentle and affectionate doctor, very popular, Zheng Yin has maintained a close relationship that is both like a lover and a friend. Yoona Oh plays the role of \”Coach Yang\”, the coach of the diving team.