Sakuraba Junko (played by Rimi Ishihara) works as a lecturer in an English teaching institution, working diligently just to save enough money to live in New York where she is dreaming. During a ritual, Junzi with numb legs scattered the ashes on the head of monk Xingchuan (played by Yamashita Tomohisa). Unexpectedly, this accident caused Xingchuan to fall in love with Junzi at first sight. After that, Xingchuan started a series with Junzi. It is an offensive that is enthusiastic rather than close to \”harassment.\” Qing Gong Shingon (played by Kei Tanaka) is the boss of Junzi\’s former teacher, and there was a vague and unclear relationship between the two. Satoshi Mishima (played by Yuki Furukawa) and Junzi were classmates, but now they have become students under Junzi, and they have an unspeakable admiration for Junzi. Rinaka Yuki (played by Takada Ryoga) is a cute girl on the surface, but he is actually a man, so he loves Junko bitterly. However, all obstructions could not dissipate Xingchuan\’s deep love for Runzi, including the heavy mission that he carried on his shoulders to inherit the temple and become the next abbot. This drama is based on the manga of the same name by Miki Aihara.