\”The earth is like a good ball, just like the ball I play. So everything is connected, even where you don’t know.\” There is a black cat living in Ginza, whenever someone encounters difficulties or troubles At that time, the black cat will appear in front of the person and make a \”meow\” call, as if it were an invitation. And those who receive the invitation will follow the black cat curiously. \”Coincidentally\” is that the black cat always takes that person to the famous Ginza store that suits her/his charm every time. Then the story began like this. The play connects the shop with people through cats. What kind of Ginza do you see today? There are stories of father and daughter who had a bad relationship back together through chopsticks, and stories of middle-aged people who found childhood memories in a curry shop… The works are warm and heal the slow rhythm, the characters are exquisitely portrayed, and the colors are comfortable. One story is one episode. In the unit drama, the black cat intervenes to take you to explore the old Ginza shop, and at the same time let the audience feel the beauty of the world.