The single is Nogizaka46, who has established a solid position as a national idol with a wide range of activities such as million hits, movies, theatres, variety models. It is the 4th gen members that will blow a new breeze to Nogizaka46. Sakura\’s Endo, who has been selected as the selected member for the latest single \”I don\’t have to be strong until dawn\”, will play the center, and Haruka Kaki and Ayame Tsutsui will play the front as members of Fukugami. Super fresh 4th year students with an average age of 17.1 years old who have attracted attention are the first to challenge the all-location variety this time! !! With no variety of “Iloha”, “Promise” or “Steady”, they challenge almost unbounded “Burri Journey” location. Challenge yourself by discovering the \”first thing\” on location in various cities! Farewell to youth light. Two people who have a good reputation for Comte & Manzai. They are expanding their fields of activity in addition to variety, but this is the first time for MC to be an idol variety! We will continue to delve into the attractiveness of the members with their unique style. In addition, the unreleased video that could not be included in the main part \”Nogizaka where to unpublished video-It was in Off ①-\” will be delivered on Hulu! Enjoy these girls who challenge the location variety! MC and Nogizaka leave everything to do and talk, and there are a lot of \”first time\” where Nogizaka meets in a casual location! No script! No promise! Unpredictable! We will deliver a truly \”out-of-specification\” location variety!