TV TOKYO will broadcast \”Cinema Girl -VIDEO GIRL MAI 2019-\” every Friday at 1 a.m. from April 12, 2019. The protagonist of the story is a high school boy Kento Yeno (played by Hagiwara Rishisa) who lives alone near the school. One day when he was trying to play a videotape found in the school\’s video room, the film girl Kamio Mai (Mizuki Yamashita) flew out through the screen. Thus, the two people began a wonderful cohabitation life. In order to help Jianren realize his ideals, the film girl always implements his orders unscrupulously and faithfully. Kento is also getting deeper and deeper in this relationship, and what is the real purpose of the movie girl? This drama is adapted from Gui Zhenghe\’s comic of the same name. It is the second work of the series, which is the second work in the series.