TV TOKYO will be broadcasting the drama \”Resident Detective\” on Friday, October 8th at 2pm SP from October 19th (Friday). Starring is Susumu Terashima, the first starring a terrestrial serial drama. He plays Atsushi Enami, who was once a detective in the Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department and is now familiar to the people of Okutama as “residents”. And, we are pleased to announce the regular appearance of the serial drama \”Resident Detective\” by the gorgeous cast members who have supported the popularity of the series. This is Enami\’s natural enemy who has appeared throughout the series, Yukiya Kitamura is in charge of Kunihiro Kakai, the director of the Police Department\’s Investigation Department 1, and Miyako Ikehara, who plays the role of landlord at Mizune Ryokan in Okutama, is Yoshie Ichige, while doing mountain guides this time. Yuko Fueki plays the role of Ryoko Uchida, who was invited by Miyako to act as a landlord for Miyako, and a mountain guide who has a love for Ryoko. A familiar luxury cast will also appear in the serial drama version \”Resident Detective\”. In addition, Hitomi Kuroki plays the role of Ayano Ogata who appeared as a director of the Second Department of the Metropolitan Police Department in the special drama broadcast last October 2017 and left a strong impression. This time, Ayano decides to appear again in front of Enami as the chief of the Okutama station… what is that thought? Followed the world view of the series in the serial drama, combining \”A relaxing episode with the people of Okutama and Mizune\”, \”A serious murder case pursued by the Investigation Department 1\”, and \”A bold murder trick utilizing the nature of Okutama\” The story unfolds in thrilling. In addition, new characters who will collide with Enami\’s \”justice\” will also appear one after another. Who is the biggest enemy? And what is the enormous power involved in Enami? Look forward to the human suspense where Eha, who is stationed in Japan, is sweating and struggling.