The drama is a romantic drama about the love and friendship between men and women. It tells the emotional changes between two men and women who have been friends for 8 years because of the one-night stand. Li Yuying will play the role of Han Eun Sung, a female friend of the actor Kim Lai Wan for 8 years and a French simultaneous interpreter, who is full of vigor and cannot predict what she will do next second. Kim Sun-ho plays Kim Lai-wan, a painter with both appearance and character and a promising future, and he is also the only male friend of Han En-sung. He has a free soul that never refuses to come. One day, he and Han Enxing, who has never treated her as a woman, experienced an unexpected event. Their love and creation were unsatisfactory. They fell into a trough and realized true love. The play consists of 2 episodes, which will be broadcast in May.