Two hot-blooded high school students transferred on the same day and suddenly decided to start being \”arrogant\” in the new school, so the two decided to change their styles, and they happened to be \”transformed\” in two adjacent Liliyuan. This is also their acquaintance. Start. In the new school, the two are assigned to the same class, and there is no room for two tigers. The golden retriever is the coolest and best on the high school campus! Golden Retriever \”Mihashi Takashi\” is a despicable and innocent guy who plays for fun! The long hedgehog head has a strong lethality. Wearing a custom-made trench coat-style uniform to go to school is the most prestigious. The hedgehog head \”Kondo Shinji\” is a bloody man who does not fight meaningless fights and is often used by the old and cunning Takashi. Without knowing it, but it also swept the hearts of many high school girls. In short, if you have come, you will be safe, and if you want to be arrogant, you must be the most arrogant! But what followed was the challenge of unscrupulous teenagers, which also triggered a series of hilarious incidents!