Okano Masayo is an epoch-making figure in Japanese football history. It was his \”golden ball\” that sent the Japanese team to the World Cup finals for the first time. His nickname is \”Savage\”. As the name suggests, it is a person with extraordinary feet and disheveled hair. In November 1997, the Japanese team and the Iranian team competed for the third qualifying seat in the Asian preliminaries of the World Cup. The two teams faced each other until the overtime began. In the extra time war, Okano Masako grasped a golden opportunity and scored a \”golden goal\”, which enabled Japan to realize its dream of decades. Since then, Okano\’s name has spread throughout Toyo like a hero. Based on his true story, this drama tells about the passionate youth life of Okano Yayuki (played by Long Xingliang) in high school and how to embark on the road of football. @www.aixiaoju.com