Zazen Goro (played by Tangsawa Shouaki) and Satomi Shuji (played by Yosuke Eguchi) were doctors who were intern at the same time, but they took a completely different path. With his superb personal skills, Cai Qian became the de facto No. 1 professor in the Department of Surgery. Cai Qian\’s aggressiveness makes the retiring first surgical professor Higashi Shinzo (played by Ishisaka Koji) feel threatened, and Higashi decides to establish another person. Therefore, the very ambitious Cai Qian sought the help of his father-in-law, the director of Cai Qian Maternity Clinic (Toshiyuki Nishida) and the first internal medicine professor Ukai (Ibu Yato), through bribery and gang formation. After ups and downs, he finally won the position of the first professor of surgery. In the same period, Lijian, the first assistant in internal medicine, was a pragmatic and enthusiastic scholar. The different choices of the two led to different fate in the end. The high-ranking Cai Qian finally reached the height of his dream, only to find that he was overwhelmed by the cold and tragedy. This play is adapted from the masterpiece of the same name by Toyoko Yamazaki. Known as \”Japanese national novel\”. It has undergone five remakes before and after, and has been put on the screen several times. The content directly refers to the dark side of the hospital. After many years, it still has practical significance. © Douban